BREAKING: Bo Pelini Announced as the New Motherf!@#ing Defensive F!@#ing Coordinator at God!@#n LSU, You C!@#s

Bo Pelinin Yelling

BATON ROUGE, LA — Buck up, Bolievers… heeeeeee’s baaaaaack! Everybody’s favorite anger management spokesman is headed back to big time college football, you f!@#ing worthless god!@#m motherf!@#ing c!@#s! Let Pelini sideline watch begin!

Here’s what Pelini had to say on the hire, “What’s up now b!@#$es? You f!@#s thought you got rid of me? Pfft. And, guess who’s coming with me? That’s right f!@#nuts! Oh Caaaaaaaaarl! Put the cheerleader down, we’ve got football to coach.”

And, everyone everywhere rejoiced.


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