BREAKING: Dirk Chatelain to Join Nebraska Football Staff as “Reverse Miss Cleo”


LINCOLN, NE — The University of Nebraska announced early Tuesday morning that they have hired former Omaha World Herald writer, Dirk Chatelain, to a newly-created position, Director of Hindsight.

Speaking on the new role, head coach Scott Frost had the following to say, “It’s kind of a ‘reverse Miss Cleo’. How Miss Cleo predicts the future, our Director of Hindsight will rehash the past.”

Critics have questioned the utility of the role, to which, Frost responded, “Well, if we can’t predict the future, at least, we can pointlessly stew about the past. Plus, the memes are cool.”

Speaking on the hiring of Chatelain in this new role, Frost said, “Well, he’s the master, right? You saw the Joe Burrow one, right? Genius! I mean how did we NOT know that a guy who’d attempted 39 passes in 2 years at Ohio State would eventually become the front-runner for the Heisman. We’re so stupid. But, now, we’ve got Dirk here to constantly remind us.”

No word yet on whether the University is considering creating a role for Miss Cleo, as well. We’ll update this article as we learn more.


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