BREAKING: Husker Fan Reveals Game-Changing Discovery, Points Not Yards Win Games. Many Shocked

LINCOLN, NE — Husker Nation is reeling after a game-changing discovery from one Husker fan. Following Nebraska’s loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, many fans had begun commenting on the success the offense had moving the ball on one of the top defenses in the country.

The tragedy had become so pronounced some fans even left the game feeling “hope” and as if the offense had “made progress”.

Thankfully, one astute Husker fan saved the day by making a discovery that sent shockwaves through the Husker fan base. The discovery? That games are actually scored based on points, not yards!

Of course, such a shocking discovery has left fans reeling. Police have fielded numerous reports of fans stumbling through the streets of Lincoln, confused and mumbling, “It’s the points? The points! IT’S THE POINTS!”

No word yet on whether the Governor plans to declare a state of emergency.


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