BREAKING: Iowa Fan Actually Thinks Hawkeyes Are Good


IOWA CITY, IA — An Iowa fan shocked the nation when he stated that he genuinely believed “Iowa has a good program” and he’s “proud of the program”. The unbelievable statement left many stunned.

After some initial criticism, the fan doubled-down stating head coach, Kirk Ferentz, “is a good coach” and “shouldn’t be fired”, despite averaging 7-5 in his 20+ year stint with the Hawkeyes.

The news has created severe disturbances throughout the country as every fan of every other team has broken into fits of “hysterical and uncontrollable laughter”.

In related news, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced earlier today that Iowa is officially changing its state motto to: “There are worse things to be than 8-4”. According to reports, “We’re on meth, too” was a close second.


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