BREAKING: Joe Burrow Officially Drops Out of Heisman Race


BATON ROUGE, LA — Joe Burrow has officially removed his name from Heisman trophy contention. Speaking at LSU’s Monday press conference, Burrow was asked what he thought of President Trump possibly attending the LSU-Alabama football game:

“It’s pretty cool,” said Burrow, officially ending his Heisman campaign.

As word of Burrow’s withdrawal spread, users began immediately deleting their Heisman votes, for Burrow, on Twitter. Many LSU fans took to the streets to begin burning their #9 jerseys.

Ed Orgeron is, reportedly, considering benching Burrow for the remainder of the season and Mel Kiper just removed Burrow from his “big board”. Conspiracy theorists are speculating that Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, planted the reporter in Monday’s press conference in order to trigger this kind of response from Burrow. Saban has vehemently denied the rumor.

We’ll have more as this develops.


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