BREAKING: Scott Frost Surprise Winner of Iowa Caucus

Scott Frost

DES MOINES — Many have asked and now we know, “Why did the Iowa Democratic Party delay releasing the results for so long?” Answer: because they couldn’t believe who the winner was. Scott Frost.

Apparently, when you ask Iowans to write down a name, they’re so obsessed with the Husker football coach, they robotically put down his name. So much so, he won the caucus in a landslide — garnering a full 71.3% of the vote. “But Nebraska” was a close second at 27.2%. Bowl Game Banner, Sanders, Warren and Buttigeijerkjjejke all received less than 1% of the vote.

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz had this to say about the fiasco that took place: “Dammit. Did they hire Brian? Oh no. Okay. Well, I don’t know… can you punt in a caucus?”


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