BUSTED: Trey Wingo Arrested For Vicious Beating of Dead Horse

Trey Wingo

BRISTOL, CT — Longtime ESPN broadcaster, Trey Wingo, has been taken into custody by the Hingsight Police after a vicious on-air beating of an already deceased horse named, “dId YoU kNoW jOe BuRrOw WaNtEd To Go To NeBrAsKA, REEEEEEEE!”

Wingo’s camp released the following statement on the arrest: “But, but… Fowler and Twitter… I… I thought… what’d I do?”

We reached out to Urban Meyer, who also passed on the Heisman-winning quarterback, but we immediately received a Cease and Desist letter from ESPN stating: “You be nice to our little Urban you big meanies!”


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