DODD: Patrick Mahomes on Hot Seat


TWILIGHT ZONE — After his record-setting $500-million contract, Pat Mahomes is on the hot seat says sportsball genius, Dennis Dodd:

“I talked to one Chiefs head coach, today, and he said, ‘Just because a rooster crows at high noon doesn’t mean the sun likes eggs’… so, ya know. I mean, think about it. What has Pat Mahomes done this off-season? It’s been 5 months since he won a Super Bowl, so… the rooster can come home to roost, but that doesn’t mean the sun’s gonna fry up an omellete, ya know?”

No. No, we have no idea what you mean.

“Yeah well, Scott Frost is on the hot seat, too, so. They’re all on the hot seat. You get a hot seat! You get a hot seat! You get a hot seat! Take that rooster!”


Disclaimer: This shid is just jokes, homey. Ain’t real. Ahem, I mean… The content on this site is satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken as factual or as an accurate representation of the subjects mentioned.

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