Husker Fan Hired as Offensive Coordinator After “Epic” Twitter Rant

Lincoln, NE — Huskers fans can expect a new face on the sidelines in two weeks when the Wisconsin Badgers roll into town. Twitter user and Husker fan, @ScottFrostSucks, will be calling plays for the Big Red after an “epic” Twitter rant landed him the offensive coordinator role for the Huskers.

Late Sunday night head coach, Scott Frost, announced the hire via a Twitter comment on @ScottFrostSucks’ original tweet: “You think you can do any better. Fine. F!@# you. You call the plays next game!”

When asked what will be done with current offensive coordinator, Troy Walters, Frost responded: “You mean the WR coach? Who the f!@# cares?” We reached out to quarterback, Adrian Martinez, via email for a comment, but he’s still waiting for the right time to press “send”.

While many may consider this a bold move from Scott Frost, we at the Scarlet Tribune are in 100% support. Obviously, fans on Twitter know best.


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