Husker Fan Uncovers Fatal Flaw In Nebraska’s 3-4 Defense In Message Board Post


MOM’S BASEMENT, LINCOLN, NE — Message board user and Husker fan, @runthedamn43, may have just uncovered the “fatal flaw” in Nebraska’s 3-4 defense. After watching a 3-second, zoomed in clip of one play, he posted:

“Look at our f!@#ing d-end? Bit hard on the dive! Happens every f!@#ing time. Why can’t our coaches figure this s!@# out!? This 3-4 just won’t work in the Big Ten. It’s freakin’ obvious!”

When another user pointed out that certain defensive calls require the D-end to crash hard on the dive and the LB scrape over the top, so you have a generally more athletic player tackling the QB in space, @runthedamn43 responded:

“No, no, no. When I played junior high football, the D-end ALWAYS had contain. That’s HIS job! It’s not that f!@#ing hard!”

When other users pointed out that many quality defenses run a 3-4 and use this “switch” concept, as well, to help combat the rise in athletic QBs, @runthedamn43 set them straight with this detailed and well-articulated response:


We hear you @runthedamn43, we hear you. Hopefully, Erik Chinander and the Huskers’ defensive staff is taking note, but we’re not holding our breath with these coaches.


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