Indiana Players Revolt After Photo Surfaces of Tom Allen Wearing Nickelback Shirt

Tom Allen Wearing Nickelback Sweatshirt

BLOOMINGTON, IN — Drama erupted on Twitter Monday afternoon as several Indiana Hoosier football players tweeted their dismay of a newly discovered photo of head football coach, Tom Allen wearing a Nickelback shirt. Said one player:

“Man, that’s just whack! I ain’t playing for this dude!”

Said another player, “It’s honestly been going on for awhile and I just didn’t have the guts to speak up. I hear him playing Nickelback in his office, I ‘ve heard it playing in his car and he even has a Nickelback ringtone on his phone. It’s sad.”

We caught coach Allen leaving his office and he had this to say, “I’ve obviously had a blind spot around Nickelback and how offens– oh, ow–“. Allen then grabbed his knee and immediately fell to the ground in pain. He was carried to his car where he made a swift getaway… Nickelback blaring as he left.

Indiana Athletic Director, Fred Glass, said he was offended… about something, but he won’t say what. But that “we know”.


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