Iowa Football to Forfeit Remaining Regular Season Games, Content With Bowl Appearance

IOWA CITY, IA — Iowa Athletic Director, Gary Barta, appeared on the Squawk Talk radio program on ESPN 750, last night, and announced that the Iowa football program will forfeit its remaining regular season games:

“We’re bowl eligible, we got our banner. We thought about pushing it up to 7-5, this year, but decided not to get to ‘crazy’ this season. So, we’ll be forfeiting our remaining games and look forward to our bowl game. Maybe the Outback Bowl or the Insight Bowl. I really like the TaxSlayer logo. Think that’d look good on our banner.”

Head coach, Kirk Ferentz, also called into the show to discuss the move:

“I still get my f!@#ing contract extension, right?”

No word, yet, on that.

Barta didn’t announce when the banner hanging ceremony will take place. He simply said, “We have something special planned for this year, so I’m going to keep it a secret for now.”

We’ll update this post once that announcement is made.


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