Iowa Hawkeyes to Build Statue Honoring Their Most Unforgettable Coach: Scott Frost

Scott Frost

IOWA CITY, IA — The Iowa Athletic Department announced Wednesday afternoon that they are building a statue to honor their most unforgettable coach. The one they think about and obsess over non-stop. Who they think about every night as they go to bed and every morning when they wake up… at least judging by their Twitter activity. And, of course, that’s none other than Scott Frost.

This on the heels of giving Fred Hoiberg the keys to Iowa City, it sounds like the Hawkeye state is turning red. Of course, the school isn’t going to leave out their longtime head coach, Kirk Ferentz. He’ll get an insert in the program for Iowa’s opening game listing both of his accomplishments.

No timetable yet for when construction of the statue will begin.


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