Iowa Hawkeyes to Hang ‘Played In Tough Road Game’ Banner

IOWA CITY, IA — Iowa Athletic Director, Gary Barta, announced early Wednesday morning that the Hawkeyes practice facility will be sporting a new banner from its hallowed rafters.

The banner, “Played In Tough Road Game”, is to commemorate the Hawkeyes upcoming Black Friday matchup with the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln, NE — known as one of the tougher venues to play.

According to Barta, other potential banners included, “Didn’t Get Killed By Wisconsin”, “Whew! Thank God We Beat Northwestern This Year” and “Heh. Heh. F!@# Minnesota! Am I Right?”

The majority of Hawkeye fans seem to support Barta’s move to expand the banner criteria saying, “Ma! Hey Ma! Git this nice feller some spughetti. Ma!” and “My sister wife, that’s my sister that’s my wife, in case-in youins don’t know… she thinks it’s a swell idea. Hey, hey… you wunna see the Hawkeye tattoo on ma belly?”

Of course, the move is not without its criticism with fans from other teams commenting on the announcement, “It’s Iowa, who gives a f!@#?”, “Io-who?”, and “They gotta hang something, I guess”.

But, Hawkeye fans have responded strongly to the criticism with many echoing the same sentiment, “REEEEE. Nebraska. REEEEE.”

No word yet on when the banner hanging ceremony will take place.


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