Local Journalist Confused Readers Don’t Want to Listen to Him Berate Them and Call Them Stupid


LINCOLN, NE — Local journalist, Dick Prattelain, is confused and angry, “Local journalism is dying and I just don’t get it. I write articles clearly meant to rile everyone up and piss people off. Then, when they call me out on it and I tell them they’re stupid, they don’t wanna read my stuff anymore. It’s depressing. I need a stiff drink.”

“I mean, are you not entertained?”

“The worst is when they say I do it just to make money. What do they think, we sell subscriptions to our papers? Or, that I get paid to write these articles? Pfft. What idiots!”

“Then, then… I go and whine about it on Twitter and nobody wants to hear it. Are these people monsters?”

On Twitter, followers of Dick Prattelain offered their support and comfort, including Lincoln native, Billy Ray Bill, “Shut up Dick! Nobody cares you loser!” You can count us here at the Tribune among the sympathizers.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.


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