‘Mickey Wanted Too Much Money’ Says Cheeto-Faced Man Typing Random BullS!@# on Twitter

TWITTER — “Yeah, my anonymous sources say the Mickster wanted too much dough, ya know. I know a lotta important dudes. We chat on IM and s!@# and they tell me stuff. I guess I’m just likable, ya know. People just tell me stuff”, said the man as he slammed a bag of jalapeno Cheetos.

“Ma, maaaaaaa! Tell ’em. Tell ’em, Ma. People like me.”

Ma, “They like him. Can I go now?”

“See? You want some Cheetos? Anyway, yeah, I guess I’m just cool. Hey, you wanna see my Star Wars collection? It’s pretty rad, man. Got the vintage 1982 Vader. You ever seen one? Only 11 ever made. Pretty gnarly, eh? Hey, you wanna hear my essay on why the 3-4 defense will never work?”



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