NBC to Launch New Daytime Drama: ‘The Days of Our Husker Lives’

NEW YORK CITY, NY — NBC announced early Monday morning it’s piloting a new daytime drama, “The Days of Our Huskers Lives”. According to insider reports, the drama will explore the daily drama of Husker football. Characters will include former and current coaches and players, local media, that guy who tweets at recruits and obsessed Iowa fans. One of the early storylines will include a confrontation between Pason Jeter and Jester Clohnson where they, reportedly, scream angrily in each other’s direction, but not actually AT each other.

Damon Benning will reportedly play himself; interrupting every scene to say, “Guys relax!” Bohn Jishop will be the series’ JaySker. The series will also include a douchey trainer from Omaha who constantly brags about how great of a trainer he is while bashing the Husker program in private. Showrunners also announced that Tom Osborne will have a regular role in the series, reportedly, to sit in the corner of every scene and slowly shake his head in disgust.

The show will air… every day… on Twitter. ?‍♂️


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