Nebraska Football Program to Open New Outreach Facility In ‘The Minds of Hawkeye Fans’

Hawkeye Fan Thinking About Nebraska

LINCOLN, NE — The Nebraska football program today announced they are launching a new outreach program to help strengthen the Husker brand and aid in Nebraska’s nationwide recruiting efforts.

The program will focus on opening facilities outside of Nebraska. First stop? The “minds of Iowa Hawkeyes fans”. Speaking on the move, Athletic Director Bill Moos had this to say:

“Well, we wanted to start where Nebraska football is already top of mind, where they’re already thinking and talking about it constantly, where they’re so obsessed with us they can’t even think about their own team. And, Iowa was the obvious answer. Best part, we don’t have to pay for the Iowa locations. We’ll be able to set up shop there ‘rent-free’.”

No word yet on when the first locations will open.


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