Omaha World-Herald On Derrick Henry’s ‘Quiet Night’ in the AFC Wild Card Game

OMAHA, NE — From Sam McKkekeejejbn of the Omaha World-Herald, “Derrick Henry had a quiet night in the AFC Wild Card game, carrying his team to a victory on a measly 34 carries and 182 yards rushing — a paltry 5.4 yards per carry. Obviously, if the Titans want to advance in the next round, Henry is going to have to show up.”

McKdkjadiw continued, “On the other hand, Ryan Tannehill. THAT guy. HE really tore it up with an impressive 72 yards on 8/15 passing. Plus, the play of A.J. Brown, who had 1 reception for 4 yards. Also, in unrelated news, up is down, down is up, red is blue and blue is green, people in Nebraska care about the Bluejays and Riley was a go– where am I? Who are you? Why are you typing everything I say. Stop it! Mama. Somebody help me.”


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