Omaha World-Herald on Jesus’ ‘Quiet Night’ Saving All Humanity From Sin and Death

OMAHA, NE — From Same McKdklekeken, “What honestly does Jesus do, anyway? Sit up in his little palace in the sky, casting judgment. It’s not like he came down from Heaven, became human, suffered and died on a cross… all to save us from sin and death. Pfft. What a slacker!”

“Actually Sam, he did”.

McKeekejehfhjken responded, “Oh well. So what? Like THAT’s a big deal. Oooh, carried a cross a couple miles. Spikes through his hands and feet. Big effin’ deal. Try being a sportswriter on a deadline who didn’t actually watch or research the thing he’s covering. Yeah! Try that Mr. ‘Lord and Savior’. Then, the pleebs have the nerve to criticize you! I’ll take the cross.”


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