Organization That Makes (Bucketloads of) Money Off Amateur Sports Suspends Athlete to Keep Money From Ruining Amateur Sports


COLUMBUS, OH — Ohio State defensive end, Chase Young, will likely be suspended from one or more of Ohio State’s upcoming football games for an NCAA rules violation for taking a loan, he later paid back.

Thank God we have the NCAA and their rules to protect the amateurism of college athletics. Otherwise, we might have ridiculous amounts of money pouring into college athletics, ruining it. Crazy things like coaches make $9 million per year, or universities raking in $215 million per year, or TV networks paying conferences $2.64 billion to broadcast games, or the organization tasked with protection amateurism raking in nearly $1 billion, itself.

If THAT happened, that would definitely ruin college athletics. But, thankfully, we have the NCAA here to protect us. To crack down on those cheaters, like Chase Young, who take out a loan they pay back. Or, Eric Crouch from taking a ham sandwich from an elderly fan.

Could you imagine how corrupt and crooked college athletics would be if we allowed any of that? Days like this remind us how lucky we are to have an organization there to protect us from these vile money-grubbers.


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