‘Quality Loss’ to See Increased Significance as Iowa’s Gary Barta Named CFP Selection Committee Chairman

Gary Barta

GRAPEVINE, TX — The College Football Playoff committee announced, today, that Iowa AD, Gary Barta, will be the committee’s new chairman. Already, teams around college football have began looking into how to rack up a number of “quality losses” to up their chances of making the College Football Playoff.

“7-5 is the new 12-0” said one AD. Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State have began rescinding scholarship offers to all their 4 and 5-star recruits so they can get the “do less with more” factor in their favor.

Teams have also began hanging banners for any and every semi-accomplishment from the Bob’s Auto Bowl to “Had Practice”. Many teams have taken on the motto “But Nebraska…” for the 2020 season to try and up their chances of being selected.

Of course, Iowa is now considered the frontrunner for the 2020 season. The AP has already named Kirk Ferentz the 2020 coach of the year “because they can try, but nobody will beat his mediocrity”. Barta, however, is reportedly watching old Husker football film to “know what a real team looks like” causing many to question what criteria he will actually use in selecting teams for the playoff.


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