REPORT: ESPN Releases Math on How 4 SEC Teams Can Make Playoff, Math ‘Not Good Until 2024 Though’

SEC ESPN Network

BRISTOL, CT — ESPN, today, released a report detailing how four SEC teams could mathematically make the College Football Playoff. Some of the details of the math include:

  • Hiring Gary Danielson from CBS
  • Really Alabama? Could you not lose 2 games this year, you’re killing us
  • Why an FCS win is a quality win
  • Good loss > bad win (unless it hurts the SEC team)
  • But, just look at them in their uniforms, tho. They thick!

According to the report, however, this math doesn’t work until 2024 and definitely, absolutely does NOT, at all, have anything whatsoever to do with ESPN (likely) winning the SEC TV contract.

C’mon, we’re unbiased journalists here people!


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