REPORT: ‘Hawkeyes’ Belly Tattoo Replaces ‘Tramp Stamp’ as Iowa’s Most Popular Tattoo

Hawkeyes on my belly

DES MOINES, IA — A new report published by the Iowa Board of Tattoo Artists found that the “Hawkeyes” belly tattoo surpassed the “tramp stamp” as the most popular tattoo in Iowa for 2019. Other popular tattoos included:

  • TaxSlayer Bowl 2015
  • “but Nebraska”
  • howling wolf on back
  • kirk ferentz head
  • brother/sister’s name
  • barbwire on bicep

The report did note that while the “tramp stamp” did dip in popularity overall, the state did see an increased in the number of male customers receiving the tattoo. The board is hopeful that trend will continue and the tattoo will regain its top spot in 2020.


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