REPORT: ‘Scott Frost’ Most Googled Phrase In State of Iowa

Scott Frost Smile

LINCOLN, NE — A new report issued by Google found that, unsurprisingly, the phrase ‘Scott Frost’ was the most popular Google search in the state of Iowa. Other popular search phrases in Iowa included:

  • “when is the banner hanging ceremony”
  • “are belly tattoos trashy”
  • “why people who say belly tattoos are trashy are wrong”
  • “places to get belly tattoo”
  • “okay to marry sister in Iowa”
  • “states okay to marry sister in”
  • “scott frost pants”
  • “scott frost pants close up”
  • “nebraska recruiting ranking”
  • “iowa recruiting ranking”
  • “why recruiting rankings don’t matter”

The University of Nebraska is considering expanding the annual Husker Tour to the state of Iowa given the program’s popularity in the state.

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