Scott Frost Announces Immediate Change In Offensive Scheme Following Loss to Purdue


In a sudden reversal, Scott Frost announced Sunday afternoon that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be changing their offensive scheme effective immediately. Here’s his statement:

“F!@# it. Let’s try that thing we did against Ohio State.”

When asked, “why the sudden change”, he responded:

“Well, I was browsing through all the helpful and constructive comments on Twitter after the Purdue game and I came across one from @scottfrostisaloser: ‘why the f!@# don’t we just try that thing we did with Ohio State where they couldn’t f!@#ing stop us until we threw the pick? Jesus. Is this staff that f!@#ing stupid!!??’ And, I realized I’d never thought of that! That DID work!”

We asked one Nebraska fan what he thought of the sudden change in offensive scheme. He responded:

“Run the damn ball!”

When asked to elaborate, he said:

“When you’re on the f!@#ing two god!@#$ yard line and have four f!@#ing cracks at it, you run the f!@#ing ball! How f!@#ing hard is that to understand!? F!@#ing hell!”

Clearly this “greatest fan in college football” is a fan of the new system.

More on this as the story develops.


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