Scott Frost Stares Blankly at Reporters For Entirety of Press Conference

LINCOLN, NE — In a move that’s been widely praised throughout the media and Husker fan base, Scott Frost stared blankly ahead, not answering any questions, for the entirety of his 9-minute Monday press conference.

Frost, apparently, made the move in response to fans on Twitter criticizing “how much this team talks”. Frost has been heralded for his stunning bravery as critics have responded positively. “We’re definitely going to start winning games, now” said on @imadumbass on Twitter.

When asked about the timing of the move, Frost later responded, “I honestly just thought that’s what press conference were for. They ask questions and I answer. But, again, that shows how smart our fans are. They’ve taught me better. Now, looking back, it seems so dumb. Why would I answer questions asked of me. So stupid.”

Repercussions of the move have already began reverberating around college football. Vegas has moved the line for this Saturday’s matchup with Wisconsin from Nebraska +13 to Nebraska -13. An unprecedented 26-point swing.

Wisconsin AD, Barry Alvarez, has hinted that the Badgers may just forfeit Saturday’s game. Many analysts now believe the Huskers are a dark horse to make the College Football Playoff. No word yet on whether Frost will continue not answering questions in future press conferences.


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