SHOCKING REPORT: Refs Didn’t Like Bo Pelini. Also Sky Is Blue

Bo Pelinin Yelling

OBVIOUSVILLE, US — A shocking new report has uncovered startling new information about former Nebraska head coach, Bo Pelini: “Referees didn’t like him”. The news has sent shockwaves through Husker Nation:

“It’s all really overwhelming for me. I can’t understand why they didn’t like him. He was always so cheerful and cordial. Understanding when they made a mistake. Easy-going and fun to be around. What’s not to love?” said one Husker fan.

The report also included a number of other startling revelations, including:

  • The sky is blue
  • Water is wet
  • Winter is cold
  • Fire is hot

These revelations have sent many reeling. An emergency hotline has been set up at 1-800-NOSH!T for those affected.


Disclaimer: This shid is just jokes, homey. Ain’t real. Ahem, I mean… The content on this site is satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken as factual or as an accurate representation of the subjects mentioned.

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