TENNESSEE: Man, Our Coaching Search Was the Craziest. FLORIDA STATE: Hold My Pina Colada.


TALLAHASSEE, FL — Soooo, what are we doing here? Deion Sanders? Really? Or, is it Bob Stoops? Hell, we’ve even seen Nick Saban rumored as “all but a done deal”.

I’m not one to doubt PrimeTime.

Guy has a proved a lot of people wrong about a lot of things throughout his careers. But, head coach of a storied Power-5 program? His only coaching experience is high school?

What could go wrong?

If I’m Willie Taggart, I’m cackling hysterically at this. The narrative is slowly shifting from this being a Taggart problem to it being a Florida State problem. And, I thought Nebraska botched the coaching search that yielded us Bill Callahan. ?


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