UPDATE: University of Nebraska Reverses Course on Slogans, Adopts ‘F*** Them Kids’


LINCOLN, NE — The University of Nebraska has a shiny, new slogan to –aneer. In consultation with the Sandusky PR firm, the University unveiled the new slogan in a press conference:

“F*** them kids!”

Chancellor Ronnie Green said, in his statement announcing the new slogan, that it “fit with the University’s commitment to stick it to the kids of Nebraska” with free game tickets, once-in-a-lifetime meetings with players and life-changing experiences.

According to Green, the slogan underwent several iterations before landing on the final version. One version, introduced by the Sandusky PR firm, included the word “literally” at the end, but University officials quickly voted it down — citing concerns over “What the f***, you psychopath!?”

Ironically, the slogan garnered immediate and loud support from numerous celebrities, national media and famous actors, including mega-star, Kevin Spacey.

Iowa will reportedly hang a banner to commemorate the new slogan. Notably, the banner will feature a white background with white trim and white lettering and “NO BLACK!” according to those close to Kirk Ferentz.


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