BREAKING: Urban Meyer DEAD After Just THINKING About Taking Browns’ Head Coaching Job


CLEVELAND, OH — Sad news out of Ohio. Urban Meyer, the future Hall of Fame head coach, passed suddenly in his home early Thursday morning. According to family, after reports began to swirl about him taking the Cleveland Brown’s head coaching job, he actually allowed himself to consider the idea. Within minutes, he had a brain aneurysm, heart attack and contracted cancer all at once. He died shortly after. Apparently, he knew this was coming.

He’d been fighting the thought for weeks as his name had been mentioned for the job. But, as the rumors heated up, he could no longer resist and asked himself, “What if?” Immediately, images of Baker Mayfield and OBJ rushed through his head. He fainted instantly. Then, he saw Lamar Jackson dancing circles around his defense and it was too much. His body shut down and wasn’t able to recover. We’ll update this once funeral arrangements have been made.


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