Willie Taggart Spotted at Lincoln Airport, Rumors Swirling Around Scott Frost’s Future at Nebraska


LINCOLN, NE — Rumors are swirling around the Nebraska football program and the future of current head coach, Scott Frost, after reports surfaced placing Willie Taggart at the Lincoln Airport.

Taggart was recently fired from Florida State after just 21 games, but has one more win and one fewer loss than Scott Frost in the same span, so he’s clearly the better coach.

We asked local Husker fans what they thought of the rumored move:

Bill from Lincoln said, “Great, great move. Love that guy. He’d be great here. Uh, what was his name, again? Yeah, yeah, Taggart. Yeah, great coach.”

Sarah from Omaha likes the rumored hire, but is keeping an eye toward the future, “That’s great. I’m sure he’ll do fine, but are we thinking about who’s gonna be the coach next year? We need to get these guys lined up a few years in advance, so we know how good we’re going to be each year.”

Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN also chimed in on the move:

“If true, this is a great hire by Nebraska. This guy will definitely get the program turned around. And so, will the guy after him.”

Meanwhile, in Iowa City, Hawkeye fans have taken to the streets protesting their own program’s inability to hire new coaches every other year, marching through the University’s campus chanting, “We want a new coach, too!”

Despite the protests, industry insiders are reporting Kirk Ferentz will get a contract extension again this week. That’ll be his 9th contract extension in as many weeks pushing him to a quadruple-lifetime contract.


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