Woman Believes She’ll ‘Stick To’ Her New Year’s Resolutions


NOWHERE – A woman from South Dakota posted her New Year’s resolutions to Facebook late Tuesday night as if she believed she’d actually “stick to” them. Of course, her post was immediately meant with an avalanche of snickering and “how cute” comments from literally everyone.

One user commented saying, “Are her New Year’s resolutions ‘go to the gym for a week and then quit’ and ‘say I’m gonna eat healthy but end up eating way too much junk food after like a day’? Cuz those I could keep. Amirite?”

The woman has since come to her senses responding to the criticism, “What was I thinking? Lol. I’m so silly.” She had, reportedly, considered taking down the post, but has decided to leave it up as a lesson to other wannabe “go-getters”… quit lyin’!


Disclaimer: This shid is just jokes, homey. Ain’t real. Ahem, I mean… The content on this site is satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken as factual or as an accurate representation of the subjects mentioned.

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