Woman Texts Friend: ‘This Brawl Is Like So Lame. I Like Just Wanna Leave, But They’re Like In the Way and Stuff. Gah!’

Woman Couldn't Care Less

LAWRENCE, KS — One fan is not impressed with the Kansas-Kansas St. brawl. As the brawl ensued, she tweeted to a friend: “So annoyed. These guys are brawling, again. It’s just like so lame. I totes wanna just like leave, but I can’t. And, everybody here’s just like ‘into it’ and s!@#. It’s f!@#in creepy. Gah. fml!”

Her friend responded, “Holy s!@#, I’m watching it. OMG, I see you! God, you look creepy just standing there annoyed. You might wanna fake cheer or something. You look worse than the serial killer dude next to you.”

To which the woman responded, “Ugh. Fine!”


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